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Haptic Self Portrait

Crafted from a blend of flour and plaster—a traditional dough found in Ayacucho traditional "Retablos", the homeland of the artist's family—each piece bears the imprint of the artist's body, capturing its contours and crevices. Additionally, each of the 11 pieces contains an element intimately connected to the artist's life: strands of her hair, nails, a cherished piercing, a worn chain, even pyrite from her personal mineral collection. Other tokens include fragments of plaster from her studio, a stone gathered from the shores of Providence where she resided for two years, and botanical treasures like tree seeds and lavender stems collected during family excursions. These pieces not only embody the artist's physical presence but also serve as a reflection of her personal journey and familial connections.

Piece shown in the Contemporary Material Biennale in China 2022



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