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Harlow's Monkeys Studies 1950's

“All the senses, including vision, are extensions of the tactile sense; the senses are specializations of skin tissue, and all sensory experiences are modes of touching, and thus related to tactility. Our contact with the world takes place at the boundary line of the self through specialized parts of our enveloping membrane”


Juhani Pallasma

The eyes of the skin

Artist Statement


The body can feel weight without carrying a heavy object, softness without caressing a surface, or warmth without a temperature rise. The brain is wired in such a way that when it sees an object it can already understand how it feels on the body. Sight can entice every other sense without directly engaging it. When I refer to our sensorial system, I mean to go beyond our five classical senses. How can sensations of time, balance, or memory be transmitted through materials, concrete, faux fur, metal? The body knows, and as it perceives it generates meaning. It can touch with the eyes and see with the hands. 

Image from Visible Invisible II Installation

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