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Shape Wear


Shape wear is a project comprising 16 sculptures and 16 videos. Each video showcases how balloons filled with liquid plaster were molded through physical gestures between the artist's body and various copper pieces until the plaster sets. Each gesture expresses, in one way or another, the anxieties, expectations, constraints, or pressures that women may experience throughout their lives, intimately intertwined with the body.


Bites, squeezes, stabs, dangless, and more are imprinted on the tangible sculptures. Each one serves as a document, carrying the presence of the body and the frozen action through time. Meanwhile, the videos reveal bodily sensations recognizable in any human body while showcasing the process of the performative actions.


The videos are grouped under the themes of femininity, pain, strength, and constraints, displayed on four small screens exhibited alongside the sculptures.


Thesis Project for MFA in Sculpture at the Rhode Island School of Design

16 plaster and copper sculptures, 4 screens with 4 looping videos, wooden scaffold 


Performative process: Balloons filled with liquid plaster are molded with body gestures and copper elements until cured.

Reel of Performative Process Videos

Reference_Shapewear_Maria Eugenia Moya
modldeadoras back edited installation
Mordida lateral
Mordida Still 1
Mordida general
Moya -Mordida - still
Mordida cenital
Utero 2
Utero Still
Utero 3
Ahorcada cenital
Ahorcada Still 3
Ahorcada lateral
Corsette Frontal
Corsette Still 3
Corsette casi trasera
Garras Frontal
garras still
Garras Still 3
Garras Detalle
still trenzas
Fecunda Original
Fecunda cenital
Fecunda Still
Fecunda Frontal
still cara
still rodilla
still piernas
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